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1What is Digital PR?

Digital PR or Digital Public Relations is an online marketing strategy used by businesses to increase their online presence. Digital PR agencies network with journalists, bloggers and influencers and send online press releases to gain high-quality backlinks and social media mentions.

2Why PR? Isn't online advertising more effective?

No one tunes into the news to see who's advertising; people switch to news channels and visit news websites because that's how they ensure they're informed, educated and entertained. Do you regularly turn to any website, TV show, newspaper or magazine for the advertisements?

Studies show that people are far more likely to believe a news story than an advertisement, and the ROI on public relations leaves advertising's ROI in the dust. People have trained themselves to ignore advertising. For less cost than advertising, PR creates a more credible message.

3What makes Inbound Hype so successful in handling the public relations of its clients?

We do a good job of listening. We try to pinpoint our clients’ target audience, determine their goals and objectives, and create a plan for getting positive media coverage for their products and services. We also offer our publicity services to other marketing and advertising agencies that don’t have a PR department and act as their internal publicity arm.

4How do you get results?

First, we assess the scope of the project: Where do you want media coverage and exposure? What is your message? Then we will make honest recommendations geared to generate publicity that gets your message into the right hands and produces media placements.

5Do you guarantee results?

No. There are many business, economic and third-party factors outside of any public relations professional's or firm's control, including product, service, price, demand, market, quality, competition, consumer behavior and preferences, media bias and major events. Therefore, Inbound Hype Digital Public Relations offers no guarantees, warranties or refunds on its services.

6How can I measure the success of my Digital PR campaign?

Effective Digital PR can be measured by annotating the PR hits in Google Analytics and measuring how much referral traffic has been gained from those Digital PR hits. Analyzing and tracking how well the site’s landing pages rank for targeted keywords also assists in determining the success of a brand’s Digital PR strategy, as the keywords included in your PR pieces are likely to unlock even more traffic and conversions.

  • Use the Google URL Builder to tag your PR campaign links. This allows you to get a view on bounce rate, conversion data and all other standard Google Analytics data and metrics.

  • Use Open Site Explorer or similar tools (Majestic SEO) to monitor your website’s backlink profile. Effective Digital PR should result in your site gaining additional backlinks.

  • Use SharedCount to track URL shares, likes, tweets and more, of your press hits to gauge the success of your hits and content on social media.

7How do you determine your fees?

We work with clients in two ways – on a project basis or on a monthly retainer. You’ll never be locked into an expensive contract. You decide how much you want to spend and we give you a proposal that fits within your budget.

8So what's next?

E-mail us at or give us a call at +94 11 261 2800. We’ll discuss your needs and expectations and give you an honest analysis. If we feel public relations will work to promote your products/services, we’ll make recommendations on the best ways to accomplish your goals.


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